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Introducing Hubble


Accessing crypto shouldn’t be this hard.
To accelerate Virgo’s apps adoption, we will make them all available on a single, app-store like platform.
Just download our wallet and add any functionalities you need in one click!

No registration, no asset to convert, no headaches!

Fueling your Apps

Virgo’s decentralized ledger

Powerful decentralized applications need a powerful economic layer.
Our cryptocurrency has been made from the ground up with innovative technologies to permit high-density microtransactions in a permissionless, decentralized manner.

Truly decentralized

On Virgo, no-one chooses for others:
Every node process transactions independently, while still achieving consensus with time.
And anyone can run a node for free; Making Virgo one of the most decentralized cryptocurrencies!

Highly Scalable
Limitless Applications

Our currency, thanks to its blockchain-less design, has no boundaries in terms of transaction throughput:
What determines our capacities is the computing power of the nodes. Currently thousands of transactions per second with average hardware!

Guaranteed mining-free

To protect the environment, we made our algorithm work without Proof of Work, and our apps will enable reuse of wasted computing resources:
No central servers, no mining, no abusive CO² emission. The performances are the same, the planet is safe!


is coming!

Virgo’s first public testnet is coming late 2020.
Be the first to discover our new technology!

Our applications

What we offer you




Virgo is above all a cryptocurrency: It permits you to store to send or receive money worldwide in an instant, cheap way.

You don't trust banks ? With Virgo you become your bank and so really own your money, no one has an hand on your account except you.

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Decentralized VPN

With the explosion of tracking and globalized surveillance it is now vital for a lot of people to hide their identity on the web.

Virgo can achieve that by permitting people to rent others internet connection, making them anonnymous when regular VPN providers are easily detected and can leak essential data.



Everyone has a non-negligeable amount of storage space unused on their devices. With Virgo it would be possible for anyone to rent this space to who needs it and get paid for it in real time.
Operating without datacenter and reusing wasted ressources, the solution would be more ecological, secure and confidential than conventional cloud solutions, while being much cheaper.

The coin


The coins will first be distributed in the form of an Ethereum ERC-20 token and then converted at our main-net launch.
Here is a summary of how we will do it!

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Distribution List
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  • Token Symbol VGO
  • Max circulating supply 300,320,000
10% Team
10% Bounties
30% Promotion campaigns
50% Not defined*

Road Map

A resume of what we are doing for the next months

Q3 2020

  • virgocoin.io Website
  • Internal Testnet of v0.4
  • BitcoinTalk Announcement
  • VGO Token Smart Contract

Q4 2020

In progress
  • Github repository release
  • Eagle release (public testnet)
  • Virgo Wallet v0.1
  • Virgo Javascript API v0.1
  • Virgo Node v0.5
  • DAG Explorer v0.1
  • Testnet Faucet
  • Code documentation

Q1 2021

  • Hubble Wallet Alpha
  • Hubble AppCenter Alpha
  • Decentralized VPN PoC